NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9, episode 19 review: Meet Dwight’s family on the farm

The Office, Rainn WilsonTonight’s episode of “The Office” is a bit of a one off episode – if you remember hearing about Rainn Wilson’s spin off show called “The Farm” featuring Dwight Schrute and his farm, well the pilot got filmed, but in the end NBC decided to shelve the series before it even had a chance, so tonight’s episode of “The Office” will be focusing on his farm.

Dwight tells the office that his aunt has passed on and decides not to invite anyone from work to come to the funeral except Oscar. At the funeral we see Mose along with his cousin Zeke and learn that Dwight has a brother who is fantastically successful and a sister who is exceptionally beautiful.  When Dwight’s tradition of shooting the deceased gets started, Oscar decides it’s time to check out.  A funeral video left by their aunt tells them that if Dwight, his brother and sister all come together to run the farm then she will leave it to them. While trying to convince his siblings to do this, Dwight makes his intentions for courting a new woman known and she accepts his offer – this kind of messes up the Dwight/Angela romance that has been brewing again, so we’re not really sure why they kept this in the episode.

Back at the Office Todd Packer shows up at Dunder Mifflin to make amends with everyone while he is on the 12 step program for both drugs and alcohol.  His apology is absolutely offensive as usual, but he offers everyone an “I’m sorry” cupcake and people start to forgive him.  Pam calls an office meeting before anyone accepts their cupcakes and says that they can’t be bought with cupcakes – everyone agrees. Later Packer reveals that the cupcakes are laced with all kinds of nastiness and that this whole charade was payback for firing him.  The next day Packer visits Jim and Darryl and gives them cupcakes too, before Pam has a chance to warn them

Do you think that “The Farm” would have been a good spin off or were you not impressed with what it had to offer?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “The Office”

Photo: NBC

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