Game of Thrones – Jon Snow spin-off premiere date: Our theory

Game of Thrones Jon SnowAt present, there is still (unfortunately) no specific premiere date for the Game of Thrones – Jon Snow spin-off. A part of it is due to the oh-so-simple fact that this show still doesn’t have an official green light from HBO. There are reasons to hope that it’s coming, but we also recognize already that hope does not equal confirmation by any means.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to do our best to assume that Kit Harington will be getting this solo show and with that, dive a little bit deeper into when we could actually see the finished product. Let’s just say we hope you’re the patient type.

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First things first, remember this: House of the Dragon season 2 is already being written. While we may not be seeing it until 2024, this series is significantly further ahead than a Jon Snow series, which doesn’t have a cast, let alone confirmation that it’s happening. This story will inevitably come first.

Also, remember that HBO is not going to put this show and the Snow spin-off on the air too close to each other. More than likely, they’d want to space out any and all Game of Thrones projects that they have. It’s for this reason that the most reasonable estimate we’ve got for this show is early 2025 — think in terms of January through March. This is a lucrative time period for the network when it comes to ratings, and it would be perfectly sandwiched between season 2 of House of the Dragon and season 3, which we think is 100% going to happen. This also gives the spin-off enough time to work through any developmental tweaks; it probably would need to ramp up work near the end of next year for this to happen, but we’ve still got some time.

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When do you think we are actually going to see the Game of Thrones – Jon Snow spin-off at HBO?

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