Euphoria season 3 premiere date: What we know about big return

Euphoria season 2What do we know at present about Euphoria season 3? There are plenty of rumors already out there, but can we separate fact from fiction?

We suppose the first big thing to get into here revolves around the show’s premiere date — or, to be specific, the idea that the Zendaya series already has some sort of set premiere date window. In reality, it doesn’t.

The closest thing we have still to confirmation of anything is Zendaya liking a tweet earlier this year suggesting that season 3 will not premiere until 2024. That’s not something that HBO has confirmed, and we know very well that plans can change. Even still, this remains an accurate estimate so many months later. That is a measure of the fact that there are no reports of season 3 filming starting up yet and even when it does, odds are there won’t be many details shared publicly. This is a pretty secure set when it comes to keeping spoilers under wraps, and we don’t think that this is going to change in the near future.

Now, what is easy to suggest is that Euphoria will be back for season 3 prior to some of HBO’s other big hits, including House of the Dragon and also The White Lotus. This is mostly just a function of the producers having such a long period of time to prepare the story — also, House of the Dragon has a ton of visual effects.

Why hasn’t filming started yet?

That’s simple: The cast has been working on other things! Zendaya was already a big name before the show, but she and Sydney Sweeney both have been doing A-list movie projects over the past several months. A part of the joy of doing this show is probably the freedom to keep doing other things.

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What are you most hoping to see when it comes to Euphoria season 3 on HBO?

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