The Cleaning Lady season 2 finale: Why did Kamdar die?

The Cleaning Lady season 2 logoFrom the very start of The Cleaning Lady season 2, you may have guessed that Robert Kamdar would die by the end — and honestly, that’s understandable. As fantastic as Naveen Andrews was in this role, it did feel like the sort of guy who was there to cause chaos and eventually leave.

With this in mind, we can’t say that we’re altogether shocked to learn that the plan was always to wipe this character off the board — but there were a couple of moments where the executive producers did consider some other options. Speaking to TVLine, here is what co-showrunner Miranda Kwok had to say on the subject:

While the plan was always to kill Kamdar from the beginning, because we loved Naveen and his performance so much, there were a few moments when we discussed whether we could let Kamdar live and get away. But we wanted to end his story this season and didn’t want to have a lingering question of whether he would come back, nor did we want a continued FBI pursuit of Kamdar. We also discussed that different people might kill him, such as Arman or Garrett, but Nadia was always a forerunner, and after everything he did to them — and to her — we wanted a real moment of empowerment for Nadia. We also wanted a surprising turn with Kamdar’s death, which we think we accomplished with Thony saving Kamdar’s life.

Meanwhile, Kwok and fellow showrunner Melissa Carter confirmed that they put off Garrett’s death “as long as they could,” mostly because the character did bring so much to the table. There was even debate about him not lasting through the first season, but there was still more to explore with him in season 2. His death now does leave open all sorts of possibilities for Thony and others … but that’s provided that we get a season 3 down the road. Nothing is confirmed as of yet on that subject, and we can’t feel confident about any show’s future given all the cancellations we’ve seen across the board lately.

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