Survivor 43 finale preview: How everyone fights to the finish

Survivor 43In just over 24 hours the Survivor 43 finale is going to be here, so why not set the stage for what lies ahead?

In a way, we do think that we’re set up for a fascinating and complicated endgame. We’ve basically got in our mind three people jockeying for a win at that final Tribal Council: Karla, Cassidy, and Jesse. Gabler feels like a lock to get there, given that he’s probably not seen as that big of a threat to win the whole thing. Meanwhile, Owen has a reasonably good chance for similar reasons; the two just don’t have the specific resume moves, and we’ve seen already how Karla and Cassidy are out to target each other. Jesse is the big power-player right now, but he is immune to at least final four provided he plays his idol.

In the sneak peeks over at the show’s official YouTube Channel, you can see how the remaining players are perceiving their path to the finish line. It continues to be interesting how the show edits Gabler, a guy who in the early going, really just seemed to annoy much of his fellow tribe-mates on Baka. Either the guy just gives good quotes, or producers are really trying to show us that he may have a chance of winning despite our own judgment — it’s hard to say. If there’s a situation where Karla goes at final five (which feels likely) and he then beats Jesse at a fire-making competition, he could have a chance. That may be the only way he could defeat Cassidy, who has had a more public game and some impressive challenge victories.

We expect some more chaos tomorrow night, and maybe one last blindside before the finish. What we personally love about the season as of late is just how player-focused it’s been. Sure, idols were involved in the Cody blindside, but so much of that was due to relationships. The castaways have been the star of this season, and not so much the twists; Jeff Probst dialed some of those back in season 43 and the show has been better thanks to it.

No matter who wins, let’s just hope they really earn it in front of the jury.

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