The Boys season 4 premiere date: What could the schedule be?

The Boys season 3What is there to look forward to when it comes to The Boys season 4? We think the answer here is pretty simple: A lot. This is going to be as weird, wacky, and eventful of a collection of episodes as you’re going to find; the problem is just how long we will have to wait in order to see them.

If you are familiar with how this show is produced, then you may be aware already of the super-long hiatus that we are in the midst of right now. Even though the cast and crew are months into production, we probably will not see new episodes air on Prime Video until early 2024. Blame the months-long post-production process for that. Superhero shows require a ton of special effects, and there is a lot that goes into making this particular story as wonderfully weird as it is.

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So beyond the specific date, should you expect any surprises with the schedule? We wouldn’t count on it, mostly because the Prime Video team seems to have figured out a pattern for airing episodes that they like. They’re not going to be giving you the entirety of season 4 all at once, so go ahead and rule that out as a possibility outright. Instead, be prepared to get the first two or three episodes at once, and then the rest of them weekly. This show actually started the trend of the streaming service doing this with some of their other shows; it keeps them in the spotlight longer, and that’s always been the biggest problem with the “Netflix model.” It may work for a few select shows like Wednesday, but there are also a ton of other ones that tend to fall through the cracks.

As for when you can expect full clarity on the season 4 schedule / the rest of the plans, we just hope you are patient — you’ll be lucky to get something more next fall. We certainly don’t think they will share much until after Gen V is done.

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