Survivor 43 finale: The possible returning players

Survivor 43With the Survivor 43 finale on CBS just a couple of days away, why not revisit a tradition here?

Today, what we want to do is shine a light on who could be returning from this season, with of course the assumption that there will be another one at some point. We do think that this is the best post-Winners at War season we’ve had in terms of gameplay, and also in terms of production cutting out some useless twists that nobody really liked. There’s a lot of good choices across the board, and we tend to think that at least two or three of these people will get another chance down the road.

Sure things

Jesse – We don’t think he’d actually fare rather well in another season, mostly because he’s been SO dominant this time around. Think in terms of what happened to Tony on Game Changers. With that being said, you have to reward him for one of the most dominant games we’ve seen in a long time.

Karla – Her game has faltered a little the past couple of weeks, but she’s been consistently strong and a great narrator all season. We’d be stunned if she doesn’t get another invite.

Good possibilities

Cody – The producers love this sort of archetype for guys playing the game, and he could be a threat to do really well again in the right alliance.

Gabler – We’re fine with not seeing him again, but he’s super-memorable and production most likely will bring him back for casual viewers.

Noelle – A fantastic backstory and someone who easily could have won. She’d be great on a Second Chance season or something in that ilk.

Possibly in the running?

Jeanine – Even more than Noelle, we see her only real path being a Second Chance season where she gets another shot to do better. Her potential is through the roof!

Owen – If he ends up winning this season, we could see it.

Geo – If you’re looking for a pre-merge player or a “villain,” this is a choice we could see producers making. Remember how much control he thought he had?

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Who from Survivor 43 would you want to see play again down the road?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to stay tuned for more information entering the end of the season. (Photo: CBS.)

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