The White Lotus season 3: Is there anything to Maldives theory?

The White Lotus season 2Is The White Lotus season 3 going to be set in the Maldives? There’s certainly a moment in the season 2 finale where you could wonder that.

In the final dinner discussion with Harper, Daphne, and Ethan, we heard Cameron suggest that in a year, they should all get together in the Maldives for another vacation. This is certainly the sort of place where we could easily see a White Lotus property, so there is a reason to think that this could happen.

However, for now we consider it somewhat of a red herring. Maybe Cameron and Daphne could turn up out there, but we don’t imagine for a second that Ethan and Harper would want to go with them again. There is certainly a lot about the Maldives that could be explored, though many of the super-rich hotels we’re aware of out there may be more privacy-focused than anything we’ve seen on season 1 and season 2.

To us, the more likely possibilities for future settings are places like Thailand or Argentina, which would present some really interesting opportunities to do things we haven’t seen before. The same goes for South Africa.

For the record…

We don’t think we’re going to get any sort of firm reveal for a season 3 setting for quite a long time. It makes more sense to let the story for season 2 simmer.

Do we think that a character / characters from season 1 or season 2 could appear in season 3? Sure, but you’d have to find someone who’d actually want to go to another one of these properties, and that could prove to be a challenge. Maybe you can argue Dominic, given that his problems in Sicily were mostly of his own doing? Does Albie take Portia somewhere, even if he doesn’t have a whole lot of money of his own?

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Do you think we could see the Maldives serve as the setting for The White Lotus season 3?

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