Yellowstone season 5 episode 7: Jamie and Sarah’s future

Yellowstone season 5 JamieAs we move closer to Yellowstone season 5 episode 7 on the Paramount Network next week, there is potential for a LOT of chaos.

In particular, it could very well be Jamie Dutton and Sarah Atwood leading the way! The latter has gotten a good bit of screen time as of late and clearly, she is doing whatever she can in order to manipulate Wes Bentley’s character. How successful will she end up being? That remains to be seen.

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Amidst all of the plotting and scheming (which could lead to Jamie becoming the new Governor of Montana), there is another question to ponder over here: Just how much does Sarah actually care for the guy? Are there some real feelings here? Speaking to TVLine, here is some of what Dawn Olivieri had to say:

It wouldn’t be interesting if she didn’t. One of the main things I thought about in building the character was that I wanted her to be a real woman, not this cookie-cutter villain. I wanted her to be a 40-year-old executive powerhouse that comes with her own deep bank of struggles. Any woman who’s traded a family and that sense of security for career domination [is going to have] some hang-ups. This episode was a great opportunity for me to weave in a little of that, because I don’t care how diabolical you are, as a female, chemically, you can’t help but bond with someone when you [are intimate] with them. If you’re a psychopath, cool, but I don’t see Sarah that way. The complexity is what’s interesting to me. I want the viewer, and also maybe a Sarah a little bit, to be confused as to whether she’s into this guy or not and how far she’s willing to take it to get what she wants.

Even if Sarah does have some feelings for Jamie, we also don’t think that it’s going to stop her from getting whatever she wants. This is a relentless character, and we foresee her keeping her eye on the prize — even if there are some other complications along the way.

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What do you think we will be seeing on Yellowstone season 5 episode 7 when it comes to Jamie and Sarah?

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