The Blacklist season 10: When will the 200th episode air?

The Blacklist season 9 art

The Blacklist season 10 is set to premiere on NBC in the new year, and absolutely there is a lot to be excited for right now! At the top of the list here has to be the landmark 200th episode, and for good reason. This is a chance to truly celebrate the show and its legacy, and really, there are not too many opportunities out there to do this with long-running shows these days. With streaming services and heavy competition, it becomes harder with each passing year for a show to last anywhere close to nine or ten seasons.

So when are you going to have a chance to see this big episode actually air on NBC? It’s a worthy subject to dive into within!

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In case you had not heard already, the premiere of season 10 is currently scheduled for Sunday, February 26. Meanwhile, the 200th episode is going to be the fourth one to air. This effectively means that you’re going to be able to see it on Sunday, March 19, provided of course that we have an episode air every week (which feels likely).

Are we hoping that there is some aggressive promotion for this episode? Absolutely, but at the same exact time it’s hard to feel that confident. It’s important to remember that NBC hasn’t pushed this show all that hard in quite some time, so we don’t want to sit here and say that we have some particularly high hopes.

As for the episode itself…

This show tends to be pretty secretive, but our dream is that you’ll get at least a few notable cameos from start to finish here. What better way is there for the series to really celebrate its legacy? We’ve had so many familiar faces come and go over the years…

What do you want to see transpire on the 200th episode of The Blacklist?

Let us know right now in the comments, and after you do just that, come back for other updates. (Photo: NBC.)

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