The White Lotus season 3: Who could return from season 2?

The White Lotus season 2In advance of this weekend’s finale, we are 100% thrilled to know that The White Lotus season 3 is officially coming. The remaining question is just who is going to appear.

From season 1 to season 2, there was one constant in the form of Tanya, and we tend to think that there will be at least one character who turns up again in season 3. So who could it be? There are a few different things to think about here…

Tanya – This is a given, at least insofar as Mike White loves working with Jennifer Coolidge. One thing that we do think is a little strange online are the people who sympathize with this character, despite her awful behavior in season 1 and also her emotionally using those close to her. That aside, she’s a great focal point for the show’s satire since she rarely understands fully the world around her.

Harper – Maybe this is just a plea for more Aubrey Plaza, but she’s one of the characters who has undergone the largest transformation. If that continues at the end of the season, where could it take her moving into season 3?

Portia – This only works if Tanya returns, since we don’t think she can afford to come back to one of these resorts otherwise.

Rocco and Isabella – Since they’re together, we can’t see them separated — we just think it would be interesting to actually see one or two staff members across multiple seasons. Valentina is too entrenched in the Sicily property.

Albie and Lucia – Let’s say she goes back to Los Angeles with him, and the two end up traveling somewhere else on their own. What would their relationship look like in a certain period of time?

Someone else from season 1 – It’s an interesting idea, but who would it be? Shane’s never going back to one of these places, and Nicole and her whole family got robbed!

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Who from The White Lotus season 2 would you like to see in a potential season 3?

Be sure to let us know below, and also come back for further insight all about the series. (Photo: HBO.)

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