House of the Dragon season 2: Filming start date revealed!

House of the Dragon season 1Just in case you were wondering when House of the Dragon season 2 is going to start filming, let’s just say we’ve got a better sense of it now!

While speaking (per Entertainment Weekly) at the new Game of Thrones Fan Convention this week, the man behind Aegon Targeryan (the step-brother of Rhaenyra) in Tom Glynn-Carney made it clear that the cast is already preparing themselves physically to be back: “All I can tell you is that we’re training very hard and we are making sure our bodies are in good enough condition for how strenuous season 2 is gonna be.”

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Just in case you needed a reminder that acting sometimes is a physical profession, this is it. Season 2 will be action-packed, violent, and for sure full of emotional as the Dance of Dragons is upon us. Aegon is technically now sitting on the Iron Throne, which is bad news for virtually everyone since he possesses zero qualities you would want from a king. The greatest value to him being on the throne, at least for House Hightower, is that Rhaenyra is not on the throne. It’s really that simple.

Glynn-Carney also mentioned during this panel that production will 100% kick off in March. That has been speculated about already, but it’s nice to have a clear window of time to nail down. Our hope here is that we’ll get a chance to see these episodes come spring 2024, but a lot of that will most likely depend on post-production. The dragons are not easy to create after the fact! This season will dive deep into this conflict, but rest assured, there’s likely to be even more after the fact … even if nothing is confirmed.

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