Yellowstone season 6: How many more seasons could there be?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Yellowstone season 5 is going to wrap up the first half of its story one week from Sunday and after that, we could be waiting a good while to see what is next.

At the time of this writing, there is no confirmation of a Yellowstone season 6 and yet, there are reasons aplenty for hope. There’s a lot that we’d love to see when it comes to Taylor Sheridan’s epic Western, and there is also a lot of evidence that it could be coming.

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At the moment, it’s pretty clear that Paramount Network would want more of the show. Why wouldn’t they? This is one of the biggest cable TV series of a generation. The bigger question we’ve been wondering is tied to how long executive producer Taylor Sheridan. How long will he want to keep telling these stories?

Luckily, we do have some more good news on that. In a new interview with TV Insider, Josh Lucas (who plays the younger version of John) told a story about being called to come back to the show — one that suggests there are a couple more seasons in the works:

…When I got called by Taylor [Sheridan] almost a year ago now, saying, “we’re gonna bring you back for the fifth season,” he had told me that five, six years ago when they were shooting the pilot of the show, and I honestly thought, this guy’s crazy. [Laughs] But I also know when they found the ranch that we shoot on and they were scouting the location, Taylor walked around and pointed at different parts — this is, five, six years ago — and said, “That’ll take place in Season 1. That’ll take place in Season 2. That’s where we’ll do this scene in Season 3.” And the people walking with him, probably like me five years ago, thought, this guy’s crazy. But he had all seven seasons in his brain.

Granted, this is an anecdote, and we wouldn’t take it as gospel for what actually happens. Yet, you can at least consider this more evidence that there are no plans for the show to end now. We know there were some worries online that the extended season 5 order would mean this is the end of the road; luckily, that is not the case.

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How many more seasons do you think we’re going to get beyond Yellowstone season 5?

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