Survivor 43 finale: Who is most likely to win?

Survivor 43

In just six days the Survivor 43 finale is going to arrive on CBS, and we can’t even begin to explain our excitement. This past episode was insane and by far, this is the most hyped we’ve been for the end of a season since Winners at War.

We’ve noted this already, but we don’t think any of the final five are total duds. One person may be a little bit weaker than the other four, but every single person has been thinking for themselves for a little while. They’ve made moves, and probably already have an argument in their head as to why they should win.

So where do we stack up these remaining players? Take a look at our rankings…

5. Gabler – Ironically, he’s the most likely to make it to the final three of the bunch. He’s claimed to be playing a stealth game, and that nobody really knows what he’s up to. That’s great for him, and we don’t think he’s terrible by any means. The problem is he’s putting way too much stock in his ability to explain everything at final Tribal Council. It’s hard to imagine this paying off.

4. Owen – He’s incredibly likable, and probably is our favorite of the people left from a sheer personality perspective. Yet, he’s been on the outside of so many votes and he’ll have a harder time crafting an argument unless he is proactive with big moves the rest of the way.

3. Karla – She has a great chance of winning if she makes final three, but unfortunately, she’s the least likely of everyone left to make it there. She just burned her idol as a result of Jesse’s play, and is totally exposed at final five unless she wins immunity or finds some other advantage.

2. Cassidy – Really underrated player with a pretty underrated game so far. She’s combatted adversity, been proactive in trying to make moves, and also won some clutch challenges. If she can get out Karla and Jesse, we think she would beat either Owen or Galber.

1. Jesse – If he makes it to the end, he wins. It’s as easy as that, and we also feel like he’s got a pretty clear 50% chance of getting to the final three. He will almost certainly play his other idol at final five and after that, needs to either win immunity or fire-making. We can’t imagine anyone willingly taking him.

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Who do you think is the most liklely winner moving into the Survivor 43 finale?

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