Survivor 43 finale preview: Who will win?

Survivor 43The Survivor 43 finale is coming next week and, of course, we’re ready to dive into what could be a really fantastic end to the season. This has been a great post-merge, and it does legitimately feel like we’ve got one of the most compelling groups left we’ve had in a good while. A lot of these people have played good games, but one person has played a truly great game. That person is Jesse.

After everything that has transpired so far this season, we definitely think that this is a guy with a legitimate chance to go down as an all-time great. He’s just gotta stick the landing. It feels like it’s a sure thing for him to make the final four thanks to his immunity idol — which he actually got before Jeanine was voted out. Nobody knows that he’s got it and that’s an ace. His biggest problem will come at final four, when he easily could be the biggest target.

Ultimately, Jesse’s ability to stay alive could depend on either making fire or winning a challenge. That’s a pretty tough place to be, no?

The promo for what’s coming up next made it clear that there’s going to be a LOT of game still to be played. This is all going to be about positioning now. Gabler is probably the easiest person to take to the end just because he probably won’t get many votes; he’s done a good job staying out of trouble, but that’s not enough to win. Cassidy and Karla, meanwhile, are probably the biggest targets at the final five. This entire game at this point could really be just about whether or not Jesse can make it to that final tribal council after some of the stuff that he has managed to pull off.

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As you prepare for the Survivor 43 finale next week on CBS, who are you rooting for?

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