Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date: The hope for something soon

Ted Lasso season 2Is there any chance at all we could be getting a Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date in the near future? Absolutely, this is something we’d like. As for whether or not we get it, that remains to be seen.

What we will at least say right now is this: Networks are starting to become a little more open when it comes to announcing premiere dates that are within the month of March. We just saw this happen with shows like The Mandalorian, Perry Mason, and Yellowjackets. Note that these are all shows that air on different networks / streaming services; this is not just one single broadcaster jumping the gun and getting some news out there before anyone else. There is a certain method to the madness here.

With all of this in mind, is there suddenly a case for us to get more Ted Lasso that there wasn’t beforehand? If nothing else, this is a fun / interesting thing to think about. We just can’t sit here and say with the utmost confidence that it’s going to happen, largely for two different reasons.

1. Apple TV+ does their own thing – Even if other people are announcing some dates a good three or four months in advance, it doesn’t mean that they will.

2. Ted Lasso may actually not come until April – We would be shocked if it premieres later than this, mostly because of how important it is for the show to be in contention for the Emmys again. That means a lot to Apple TV+ when it comes to additional marketing. If season 3 does NOT come until April, it may give the streamer more leeway when it comes to when they will announce. We’d love to get a date at some point reasonably soon, but we think the more realistic scenario is that we’re probably going to be waiting until we get around to January for a larger announcement.

No matter when the show comes back, we of course have to remember that this could very well be the end of the road. As much as we’d love more of Jason Sudeikis and the rest of the cast, we’ve yet to hear anything that suggests right now that a season 4 is coming.

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When do you think we will officially learn about a Ted Lasso season 3 over at Apple TV+?

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