‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ review: The Brandon Hantz chronicles

Brandon HantzSometimes on “Survivor,” there is an episode so insane that you really don’t even know where to start. Ultimately, there really is no better way to explain the new episode that aired Wednesday night. By far, this was the most stunning hour of the season thus far, and it’s surely going to be one that everyone talks about for some time.

Personally, it’s understandable how frustrating it may be that so much of the game so far has revolved around a few people, but let’s face it: how can you focus on anyone other than Brandon Hantz right now? Let’s start with what happened first: him volunteering to be voted out. We’re sorry, but if someone does this, we would be just as interested in wanting them out of the game. It may be painful being out of the game and away from your family, but other people have families, too. Just vote the guy out.

About halfway through this episode, that looked as though it was going to be assured that Brandon was going home, and that was even before the madness really started. Brandon was extremely jealous about the attention Phillip was receiving, and that he was taking credit for all of his moves in the game. The funny thing is that rather than actually deciding to try and fight for his life in the game after catching wind that Phillip still wanted him out, even after the two had tried to talk things through and before the immunity challenge, he decided that it was a better idea to dump the rice out at camp, and then challenge Phillip to a fight. This iis not the logic of someone trying to play the game; this is the logic of someone who cannot control their emotions and has no real business even being on a show like this. We’re not going to call him crazy, but there are clearly some major emotional problems that Brandon has to work through. You don’t come on “Survivor” to find yourself; you should already know who you are before trying to figure out how to play a game like this.

After the meltdown, it was pretty clear that the Favorites were not even interested in going to Tribal Council, and they just wanted someone this horrible wrecking what is at its very core just a game. This is why Jeff Probst made the call to have tribal council immediately, and the Favorites all made the decision to all instantly vote Brandon out of this game. While we would have personally thrown him out of the game the moment we got physical, we do think that Jeff made the right call here in not even forcing the Favorites to go back to camp or to tribal. This was a complete mess that was at times just uncomfortable to watch, but at least Brandon is out of the game and we can get back to talking about “Survivor” the way in which we like to.

What do you think about Brandon’s meltdown, and do you think that production really handled this challenge in the right way? If you want to see more from this Phillip / Brandon fight, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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