‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Scoop from Rose Leslie; plus, some hilarity

YgritteIf you are reading this “Game of Thrones” article strictly for laughs, skip down to the video below; however, if you are looking for a little something extra courtesy of Rose Leslie, keep reading here.

Ever since her arrival midway through season 2 as Ygritte, the former “Downton Abbey” actress quickly became a fan favorite. She had started to chip away the walls at Jon Snow more so than anyone else really has, largely because she may be the only person ever out of the Night’s Watch that has really acknowledged him as much of anything. That’s not to say that she is easy on him (as she is clearly not), but at the same time she may be one of the only reasons why he is still alive Beyond the Wall.

So what is the biggest challenge for Leslie in taking on this part? As she tells Entertainment Weekly, it’s not so much dealing with the cold temperatures and heavy snow that she has to contend with while shooting her scenes in northern Iceland (which is where she was for season 3 taping a few months ago); rather, she explained that her biggest trial was finding a way to navigate through the snow that still felt natural:

“You become very aware that this is Ygritte’s home, she’s incredibly comfortable in this particular surrounding … You can’t look like you’re working so hard to trudge up a hill. I’m like panting inside.”

As for the humorous part of this article, check out the video below to see one YouTube user’s interpretation of “Game of Thrones” as a drama straight out of 1995. This is in the same vein as some other shows (see “Breaking Bad”) that have gotten a similar treatment recently. Did they spell Alfie Allen’s name wrong? Yes, but we’ll forgive it for now.

In case you haven’t read the full synopsis yet for the “Game of Thrones” premiere (which airs on March 31), you can do so here.

Photo: HBO

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