Yellowstone season 5 episode 5: Did Beth, Summer fight deliver?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 2Following this week’s Yellowstone season 5 episode 5 on Paramount Network, there is one moment we think people will be discussing. With that being said, it may also be among the most polarizing things that we’ve seen all season long.

Without further ado now, let’s just go ahead and dive into the thick of it when it comes to the Beth – Summer showdown that transpired.

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First things first, let’s get into how we got to this in the first place. Beth has long wanted to put Summer in her place, and determined that a good time to do this was with everyone sitting down for dinner together. Piper Perabo’s character disparaged the Duttons for their meat-based dinner menu, and that’s when the two went “on a walk” and it was on.

There are a number of things about this fight, as significant as it may be story-wise, that don’t quite land in the way that they probably should have. First and foremost, Summer disparaged the Duttons’ dietary choices in a manner that was somewhat surprising. We know how she feels about eating meat, but going to a dinner and then trashing all of the food in this aggressive a way? It was a tad over-the-top, especially since she could have just went and made herself some food.

Also, if Summer really had nine years of jiu-jitsu training, wouldn’t she have won the fight easily? Think about it — this is about as dangerous and effective a fighting style as you are ever going to find. That didn’t quite happen and after the fact, we’re a little shocked that Summer just said “screw it” and started to eat the potatoes with the butter in them.

What was the point of all of this? Eventually, to get these two women to more of an understanding. They needed to get there, but was this the most realistic way for it to happen? We tend to think people will be wondering about that for a good while.

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What did you think overall about the events of Yellowstone season 5 episode 5, including the Summer – Beth fight?

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