Saturday Night Live: Kenan & Kelly with Keke Palmer, Kel Mitchell

Saturday Night LiveWe had no idea that Saturday Night Live was going to dive into nostalgia the way that they did with Keke Palmer as host; take, Kenan & Kelly.

We should go ahead and note that Kenan & Kel was one of our favorite shows growing up. As it turns out, the same may be true for Keke and the vast majority of the people on the cast. This has to be an all-time sketch for us for SO many reasons. For starters, Kel Mitchell actually made a cameo in here, and the show actually recreated some of the real sets from the original Nickelodeon show. Throughout this, we saw so many little homages, from Kel’s love of orange soda to also Keke trying to change up the signature catch-phrase from the original show.

Also, what made this even better was Keke deciding to try to turn her version of the show into a dramatic showcase. There were so many weird twists and turns in here because of this, and that only added to the laughs.

You could tell from start to finish that doing this sketch was a real labor of love for everyone involved, and there was probably no way Kenan would have done it without Kel being on board. The two remain friends after so many years, and we of course still wish that Kel had actually been a cast member here. This has actually been a huge year for him, given that he also made a cameo at the Emmys earlier this year. He’s also been a recent finalist on Saturday Night Live.

We love this sketch like Kel loves orange soda — and you better believe we’re going to be watching it on YouTube about a million times moving forward. An instant classic for anyone who grew up with this show.

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