‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale spoilers: Spencer’s free … but is she sane?

Pretty Little LiarsWe are expecting there to be a number of major revelations that unfold during the “Pretty Little Liars” finale airing on ABC Family Tuesday night, but in trying to set the stage for what some of these could be, there is one thing that you should know: Spencer Hastings is not going to be spending much time at Radley Sanitarium anymore.

In the video below, you specifically have an opportunity to see Troian Bellisario’s character taking off from the establishment, and it seems on the surface that she has everything put together. But does she really? The first major cause of concern here is the quote that she utters in the clip below (a clear reference to a certain something from the series’ past), and the monotone way in which she is speaking.

So has Spencer fully given herself up to being one of “A’s” minions? It’s probably not fair to go so far as to say that just yet, but it is safe to say that she is going at least try to figure out what sort of damage that she can do. We have a very hard time believing that she would really want to join a group that has tried so hard to ruin her life over the course of the past several years, but she could theoretically want to take out the group from within … even if she needs to pretend to her friends that everything is hunky-dory in order to pull it off.

What do you think: is Spencer going to be able to both trick the Liars and infiltrate the “A Team”? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also check out a promo for the entire finale at the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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