Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date: December hopes

Power Book IV: Force season 1What are the chances we learn more about a Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date over the course of this month? If you think back to last year, we were only a few months away from the show’s big arrival on Starz!

Of course, this is the trouble with comparisons: Sometimes, you get yourself set up to be disappointed down the road. The reality here is that this time last year, Power Book II: Ghost was already on the air. That’s not the case this go-around. For whatever reason, the folks behind the scenes at the network has been very slow to announced start dates for a lot of the stuff coming out in January, and we feel a responsibility to go ahead and say that Force will almost certainly not come out before the Michael Rainey Jr. show. Ghost has been done with production for longer, and we’re just following the timeline already established here.

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While it’s true that Force is also done with filming, it completed its work far more recently, meaning that some of its episodes may not be altogether ready yet. If there is a hope that we end up seeing a premiere date this month, it’s either in conjunction with Ghost or in late December, hyping up a release in the spring. For now, March or April is the most optimistic of windows we’ve got for Joseph Sikora and the rest of the cast. It could even be summer, in the event that Starz decides not to air Ghost until after the second season of BMF ends.

If you’re confused about what the network has going on right now, we understand. Just be happy with the knowledge that at some point, you’re going to see more of this franchise, including another season of Raising Kanan. It’s mostly a matter of waiting.

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What are you hoping for with Power Book IV: Force season 2, and is it Liliana magically coming back from the dead?

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