SEAL Team season 7 renewal: A continued case for optimism?

SEAL Team season 6At the time of this writing, there is still (unfortunately) no further news regarding a SEAL Team season 7 renewal at Paramount+. However, we do still remain hopeful over the future, and for a number of different reasons.

So where do we start? The fact that in the week-plus since the season 6 finale first streamed, the fan base remains as engaged and passionate as ever. It’s also a show that still seems supported by the folks behind the scenes. Paramount+ is still actively posting about the show on social media; yes, we understand that account managers have no say on if a show gets renewed or canceled, but we still consider the amount of activity a good thing. It shows a commitment to further building a brand and having people engage with it, even if we’re in the midst of a hiatus.

The hardest part of the next month-plus (or, however long it takes for a renewal) is going to be the wait. There often isn’t a lot of information that gets publicly shared during this time, and for pretty understandable reasons. There are very few reasons for the powers-that-be to want to rush this process along, since they want to make sure the finances are in order and there’s a fantastic story already in the works. The cliffhanger at the end of season 6 makes us feel like a lot of big conversations will be had in regards to Bravo Team’s future. While it may be true that certain operators have seemingly been on borrowed time for a while, we love continuing to see them fight. Also, it’s clear that Jason can still get the job done, even if he has his traumas and has struggled with his TBI.

Hopefully, we do get a renewal by the winter at the latest, and that sets up an opportunity to see season 7 in the spring.

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