The Resident season 6 episode 9: Is Padma leaving? Bell’s future

The Resident season 6 logoWe had a good feeling that The Resident season 6 episode 9 was going to be stuffed full of drama and yet, we didn’t quite expect all of the twists at the end.

So where do we start off here? Well, the best kick-off is discussing what happened to Padma. At the end of the episode, AJ brought the twins back only to realize that she was not only gone, but also not answering her phone. This meant that he was left to wonder what he can do to find her, and of course if she wants to be found. AJ said it himself that she was exhausted, and this may be a situation where she wants more time before coming to her senses.

However, this just isn’t something that you can do as a mom! Leaving her kids behind could have emotional ramifications for a long time moving forward. This may all be a part of her suffering from postpartum, but there isn’t an easy road back from some of this. We saw the story play out with Maddie over on 9-1-1, and it took a long time for her to be found and brought back. The only thing the synopsis for next week suggests is that Leela is going to be “concerned” about her sister. Odds are AJ will break the news to her and she will try and track her down, but will she be able to do so at the end of the day? This is one of those things that is so much easier said than done.

We just hope that there can be some sort of peaceful resolution here for all parties involved and if it doesn’t happen in this episode, there can be closure when we get around to the new year. The same goes for Dr. Bell, who may be heading off to Minnesota as he fears his MS diagnosis is becoming worse.

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