Bridgerton season 3 premiere date: The latest filming update

Bridgerton Penelope season 2For the time being, we are assuming that there will be questions regarding Bridgerton season 3 and a premiere date for months. Why wouldn’t there be? We are talking here, of course, about one of Netflix’s most popular shows, let alone one of the biggest ones on all TV. It’s also been off the air for around eight months, and production has been going on for a rather long time.

So how is production going? Well, there are no indications that they are at the end of the road just yet. If the series follows a similar timeline to season 2, we don’t tend to think it will be done until early next year. Yet, there are some pivotal scenes filmed, including of course some lavish ones that could involve much of the cast. We don’t like relying on set spoilers within these articles, so we are hesitant to share too much more than that. Just know that things are full-steam ahead behind the scenes, and we tend to think the cast is super-psyched for what is coming up next.

As some of you know already, season 3 is poised to be a huge one for Penelope Featherington, and what makes that so exciting is that we already have an established investment and relationship to this character. We’ve seen so many variations of her so far and the writers have done a good job setting the stage for what’s next. We also know that plenty of familiar faces from season 2 will still be around in some capacity. This won’t be a redux of season 2 where a majorly important face from season 1 is suddenly MIA.

Now, let’s talk when you will actually see the show. Netflix doesn’t have a specific date out there or even an approximate one; based on their current roster for 2023, we tend to think that summer or fall makes the most sense. We’d obviously prefer the former, but they’re the ones holding the cards.

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When do you think we will actually see Bridgerton season 3 arrive on Netflix?

Story-wise, what is the biggest thing you want to see? Share below! Once you do just that, stay tuned for further news the rest of the way. (Photo: Netflix.)

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