Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 3: More on Elias Voit

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1Who is Elias Voit on Criminal Minds: EvolutionWell, he may be one of the most menacing UnSubs in the history of the show. We’ve already seen him in action, just as we’ve also seen the network that formed during the global health crisis.

One of the things that is immediately notable about this revival is how different they can tell stories compared to the original CBS show. There’s a chance to tell a longer story about the villain, one where you get to know them better for better or worse. Elias is going to be a hard foe for everyone to take down, and there is a reason in particular why someone like Garcia is needed to challenge him.

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Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, new addition Zach Gilford does his part to explain what makes his role stand out, and also how the presentation of the character could actually start messing with viewers to some degree:

What’s so cool about this season and what they’re able to do this year that they’ve never been able to do before is go home with the unsub. And what that allows you to do is see who these monsters are when they have to pretend to be humans in the human world. And they have wives. We see at the end of episode 2, I have a wife, I have two daughters, I have a job. It just starts getting creepier and creepier. Because as the show goes on, we’ll spend more time with me not being a serial killer and just being a person in the world. I think the audience is going to start to have feelings about this person and feel for him at times, but then you’re like, “Wait, but he’s a serial killer.” It kind of messes with your mind because you start to think, this could be my neighbor, this could be someone at the grocery store, this could be anyone. It’s not as if these monsters are just hiding in dungeons somewhere.

Ultimately, we don’t think we’re going to get the full picture of who Elias is and/or his endgame for a little while. Our advice? Just stick around and enjoy the ride, while of course being on the edge of your seat at every single moment.

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