Magnum PI season 5 episode 9: Jay Hernandez directing!

Magnum PI season 5It is abundantly clear that when it comes to Magnum PI season 5, we have a lot to be thankful for at the moment. After all, the show was saved at NBC, and we even know a premiere date now in November 19! We’re also crossing our fingers and hoping for some previews and other coverage in the near future.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, we do have one other fantastic bit of news to report: Star Jay Hernandez will be returning to the director’s chair for another episode this season! In a post on Twitter, the writers confirmed this while also sharing the title for episode 9 (“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”) and the writer in David Slack, who has done some fantastic work on this show plus MacGyver, Person of Interest, and more.

Anytime an actor gets to branch out and have a larger impact on an episode, it is absolutely worth celebrating. It shows how committed they are to the project, and of course it’s also a skill that they can take with them beyond this show. One of the real joys of Magnum PI is that it allows you to do so many different things within a single hour — think comedy, drama, potentially romance, and of course some of those signature action sequences.

Of course, the big challenge for Jay in particular is continuing to direct himself, given that he’s also in a huge chunk of most episodes and his work can be pretty physical. He’s going to have to wear a lot of hats, and directing an episode also means you’re heavily involved in things even after filming is complete.

For those unaware, episode 9 will be the penultimate one of this season; whatever happens here story-wise is almost certain to carry over to the big finale. We know already there’s a season 6 coming, so that opens the door further to a big cliffhanger.

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