Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: The need for info

Power Book II: Ghost season 2Of course, we know wholeheartedly that a lot of people out there want to see a Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date. How can you not? We’re talking here about an extremely popular show with a season 2 that, in our opinion, was a significant step up from what we got the first time around. We’re in a world that, at this point, is bigger, bolder, and more shocking than what we saw back in season 1.

With this in mind, we come bearing a simple request — does Starz need to release something more on season 3 soon? Are they doing themselves a disservice by not sharing more information?

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At the moment, it is very much easy to wonder this for a few different reasons, beginning with the oh-so-simple fact that there is a lot of confusion online. A lot of people are sharing the season 2 key art (pictured above) and it’s led to people thinking the show is already back. It’s not. Also, Raising Kanan has been over for a little while now. One of the things that a lot of shows benefit from is consistency and yet here, we really haven’t had all that much of that this fall. Instead, we’re just left to sit around and wonder what could be coming down the line … and that is not an easy spot to be. Sure, BMF has a January return date, but where does that leave Ghost?

What we think Starz needs to do at this point is simple: Just announce a premiere month. You don’t even have to give a specific date! It’s just valuable that you 1) clear up the confusion and 2) give people something more to look forward to. Also, it allows some people who are a little behind the comfort of knowing they have time to catch up.

At this point, we’d be shocked if more news is revealed this month … but isn’t it nice to be shocked sometimes?

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When do you think we’re going to get more info on Power Book II: Ghost season 3, premiere date or otherwise?

Let us know in the comments below! Once you do that, stay tuned for other updates. (Photo: Starz.)

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