Succession season 4 premiere date: The emphasis for HBO

Succession season 4Succession season 4 will be coming to HBO next spring, and we know already how important it is.

When you look at the network’s schedule for the next seven or eight months, there aren’t that many slam dunks. Is there a good chance that The Last of Us turns out to be a huge hit? Sure, but a chance does not equal a guarantee. The same goes for the upcoming fourth season of True Detective. The Brian Cox show is the biggest bona fide hit that they have for a long time, especially since new seasons of Euphoria / House of the Dragon aren’t coming for, most likely, at least another year at the time of this writing.

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With all of this spelled out, we think it feels pretty clear that there is a lot of pressure being put on Succession to be as big and as high-quality as ever. This is why HBO may be a little bit patient when it comes to announcing a premiere date, and could even be okay if it is pushed back for whatever reason. Clearly, we don’t think they want that, but this is a network that can really emphasize acclaim more than any other on broadcast or cable. With a show that could define the entire first half of 2023, you want to make sure it meets the standard of the past three seasons. Also, it’s important that it does in the event you want a season 5 down the road. (The future beyond season 4 remains unclear.)

Our bold prediction for the new season right now is a late March or April release, and we’ll see a Herculean effort by the network to promote it in whatever way that they can. They’ll most likely have supreme confidence in the new season, both on its own merit and also as a launching pad for other things down the road.

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