The Witcher season 3 premiere date: The case for holiday release

The Witcher season 2Is there a reasonably good chance that The Witcher season 3 ends up getting a holiday release at some point down the road? Let’s just say that this is not all that crazy a thing to consider, and for a couple of key reasons.

Before we dive too far into anything within this story, let’s start by noting what has already been done here behind the scenes, and it’s a lot: Production wrapped up some time ago on season 3, which we’ve learned already is the end for Henry Cavill as Geralt. Now, there is a lengthy post-production process underway, one that we expect to last several more months. There are a lot of effects necessary for a series like this, and that’s without even mentioning the standard stuff like editing and making sure that the music is properly scored.

As we do look towards potential premiere dates, one thing we know is that Netflix loves holiday releases. They’ve done it several times with their shows in the past, and there is an obvious one out there for The Witcher in July 4. Sure, people do have a few traditions that take up some of their time on Independence Day, but very few people have a specific plan from morning ’til night. This is a great day for the streamer to put something out there, since there’s less TV competition and a lot of people are off from work. We also know that season 3 is already set to come out in the summer.

If Netflix does do a holiday release for season 3, July 4 is really the only one that makes sense. Given that there aren’t as many big-ticket shows elsewhere next summer, they have a real opportunity to dominate with The Witcher and some other series on their lineup. We tend to think that they will do whatever they can to take advantage, and 100% we are excited for the end result.

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