Yellowstone season 5 episode 4: Beth & Jamie’s big discussion

Yellowstone season 5 episode 2This weekend on the Paramount Network Yellowstone season 5 episode 4 is going to arrive — is it going to blowing the doors off? We should go ahead and note that we are prepared for all sorts of drama at the ranch and beyond, especially when it comes to Beth.

If you saw the end of this past episode, then you already got a good sense of just where things are going to be going. Kelly Reilly’s character was arrested, and she faces a very hard struggle when it comes to trying to avoid any significant jail time.

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We’ve already noted that Jamie is going to be a key player in a lot of the discussions to come, and the preview we’ve seen for episode 4 suggests as much. She may have to rely on him to find her a way out of this situation, but that’s not going to be easy.

For starters, Jamie has to tread lightly to avoid creating a big-time mess for himself to have to clean up later. Remember that while John Dutton may have no interest in being Governor again, Jamie still has high aspirations for himself. We don’t think he will be fine doing something to get Beth out that tarnishes his own reputation and ruins his chances at a future.

In speaking of John, there’s also a chance this arrest hurts him. So much of it could tied to the press getting a hold of what happened and from here, trying to find a way to associate it with him. There are also going to be some political opponents who choose to make judgments on the father based on the child; that’s happened in the political world more times than we can count.

In the end, episode 4 could be one of the biggest tests for Beth we’ve ever seen. The big question to us is what she will take away from this long-term.

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How do you think that things will play out for Jamie and Beth moving into Yellowstone season 5 episode 4?

Let us know all of your thoughts below! After you do that, stick around for other updates. (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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