The Blacklist season 10: Why summer airings should work out fine

The Blacklist logo any seasonFor those of you who have not heard as of yet, The Blacklist season 10 is going to be premiering on NBC on Sunday, February 26, and there are implications that come with that.

To be specific, why not go ahead and discuss things further when it comes to the summer? If you did not hear the news already, season 10 is 100% confirmed to be 22 episodes, which means that NBC has a big dilemma on their hands. Either they have to take some sort of big hiatus right in the middle of the season, or they choose to air the James Spader drama deep into the summer.

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On paper, it probably sounds a little bit strange for the show to be on in months like June and July, where the ratings for major networks are not always great. Why would NBC do something like that to a show that has been an institution for so many years?

Well, let’s just say that there is something more going on here than meets the eye. The Blacklist is not your typical network show. The majority of its audience is global, so there are a lot of people who never even see the show on the air in America to begin with. There’s also another wrinkle here in that the show is a killer on Netflix; that’s almost what matters here more than anything. It’s a part of why Sony pushes for the show to stick around, and we think they’re more invested long-term here than even NBC is.

It’s possible that NBC moves the timeslot around for The Blacklist should it air in the summer; this shouldn’t be something that surprises you at all if it happens. The most important thing for you to know right now is rather simple, and it is the fact that the network absolutely has no qualms airing the show in the summer. They did it for at least a short period of time in season 8!

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Do you really think we’re going to see a number of summer episodes The Blacklist season 10?

Let us know right now in the attached comments, and also come back for some other updates on the series. (Photo: NBC.)

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