‘The Bachelor’ finale rankings: Will Catherine Giudici, Lindsay Yenter win Sean Lowe?

Sean Lowe as "The Bachelor"It’s hard to say the words “win” followed by a person’s name, but when you are talking about a show like “The Bachelor,” it is actually rather applicable. This is our final edition (tear) of the show rankings until “The Bachelorette” starts up in the summer, and we have two worthy candidates to look at from all angles who could get a proposal from Sean Lowe: Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.

While we ranked Lindsay #1 last week prior to the “Women Tell All” special, we have had a little bit of additional time to think about things. Plus, we’re also using a slightly-different rationale than usual. We’re going to look at these ladies from multiple vantage points, and then give a final prediction here at the very end as to who should win, and who likely will win.

Screen Time – There’s no question that Lindsay has dominated this season’s story arcs more than Catherine. She was nearly sent home the first night after arriving in a wedding dress, and has been a major part of every episode since. If you subscribe to the theory that the show often gives its winner the most airtime, there’s a big difference between this and Catherine being a ghost for a few early episodes this season. Advantage: Lindsay.

LindsayPhysical Chemistry – We’ve seen Sean and Lindsay make out more, and we’ve also seen her more willing to flirt with him in a very physical way, whether it be jumping into his arms or telling him that she sleeps in the buff. Advantage: Lindsay

Emotional Chemistry – Catherine was never really at risk of being sent home at any point this season for anything she said or did, and Sean’s only apprehension all season came with her family. Lindsay has had serious conversations, but he may be worried still that she could be too much fun for him to handle. Advantage: Catherine.

Philosophy on life – While Sean has been kissing women left and right all season, Catherine seems to be a little more conservative when it comes to romance … which is something that Sean has claimed he likes. Lindsay has expressed similar thoughts, but not on the same level. Advantage: Catherine.

Food – Catherine’s a vegan. Sean is not. Advantage: Lindsay. (Okay, this one is largely a joke.)

The “best friend” factor – Sean has uttered these words enough to make them into a drinking game, and he and Catherine actually seemed to start more as friends than as people kissing every second. Advantage: Catherine.

The BachelorLooking towards the future – There’s no doubt that we could Sean with either woman, but we chalk this one up to simple math. While Sean may be worried about Catherine’s mom not really giving him a full blessing, he may still have worries about Lindsay being a drunken mess on night one and being the daughter of a General (which is still intimidating, regardless of how great their hometown date was). Two worries is ultimately more than one. Advantage: Catherine.

The verdict – We are flip-flopping here and changing our #1 pick to Catherine before the finale. Why? In having some more distance, and seeing some more footage from the finale, we actually think that she is the person most ready to be with Sean. There was one clip that we saw at the end of the “Women Tell All” that we find troubling in that Lindsay said that early on, she wasn’t really taking this seriously. Who does that remind you of? How about Vienna Girardi or Melissa Rycroft, who also said similar things! We’re not saying that Lindsay is anything like them, but neither of those relationships ended well. Final pick: Catherine wins.

Who do you want to see win? We want to see what you have to say below, and you can watch a sneak peek from the finale featuring Catherine over at the link here.

Photo: ABC


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