Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1: Joe Mantegna talks Rossi arc

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1Come Thanksgiving day the epic Criminal Minds: Evolution premiere will arrive to Paramount+, and it is easy to be very much excited. After all, consider for a moment what the streaming service is bringing to the table here!

If there is a motto for this new iteration of the show, it is “similar, yet different.” There are some parts of what lies ahead that will probably be familiar to everyone who watched the show way back when. However, we also recognize that there are new avenues that can be explored in a streaming venue. Episodes can be longer, for example, and certainly more dark and intense that what we saw in CBS. (Make no mistake, there were some of them that did push the limits of network television and what people were capable of doing.)

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One character who could be at the center of some dark storylines in this new era is David Rossi, especially since he’s got a tendency to obsess over cases and do what needs to be done in order to ensure there is justice on the other side. He’ll be going through a lot in the present this season, and he’ll have gone through a lot in the past.

Want some more information on what to expect? Then see what Mantegna himself had to say recently to TV Insider:

“I live by the motto everybody has a story and nobody gets a free ride, and this is one of those instances. Rossi’s had some trauma in his life and that’s where we pick it up … But it’s OK because these things happen to everybody and the world has gone through a whole traumatic thing over the last few years and we incorporate that into the show as well. So I think it’s right to pick things up where not everybody is in tip-top shape for whatever reasons, but we still have to persevere and go on and get the job done and see where it takes us from there.”

Of course, we don’t think that the full breadth of Rossi’s story will be clear in the two-part premiere. With the show at its new home and off network TV, they can make things more serialized if they choose.

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What are you excited to see with Rossi as we move into Criminal Minds: Evolution?

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