La Brea season 2 episode 8 spoilers: Aftermath of Eve’s decision

La Brea season 2 artAs many of you most likely know at this point already, we’re going to be waiting a long time in order to see La Brea season 2 episode 8 air on NBC. Last week was the final episode for the calendar year, and it contained a number of stunning moments.

In terms of the larger arc, the most important reveal featured Eve and her family jumping through the sinkhole. Presumably, we are going back to 10,000 BC as a full-time setting and we will be there for the rest of the season. For Eve personally, there was also a big choice that she made in regards to being with Gavin. This means that Levi could be out of the picture, and with him staying back in the 1980’s, there are fair questions as to whether we see Nicholas Gonzalez on the show again. (Personally, we want that; we’ve already lost him from one show in The Good Doctor — we can’t handle it in another.)

So what is the aftermath of Eve’s choice going to look like? Speaking to TV Insider, show executive producer David Appelbaum suggested that there isn’t going to be any second-guessing when it comes to Eve moving forward. However, we’re wrong if we are to sit here and assume that her relationship with Gavin is going to be smooth sailing the rest of the way:

By the end of Episode 7, Eve has made a definitive choice to be with Gavin. It was a difficult decision because she had deep feelings for both Gavin and Levi, but now she has made up her mind. Moving forward, Eve is with Gavin, but they are definitely going to find lots of challenges that will complicate their relationship.

We tend to think that a few of these wrinkles will show themselves soon when we dive back into La Brea next year, but we can’t forget that there are a few other important things that could easily take center stage.

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