SEAL Team season 6 finale: Is Bravo Team done for good?

SEAL Team season 6We’ve had a chance to check out the SEAL Team season 6 finale on Paramount+, and there is definitely one word we’d use to describe it: Powerful. This is as much of a tear-jerker as we’ve seen on the streaming service, and there was some pretty powerful stuff from start to finish here.

Through this episode, of course we had a chance to see Jason and Bravo return home after the mission in the Middle East. They mourned the loss of Clay, and both Ray and Naima decided to name the center Spenser House in his honor. Mandy returned from overseas to help Jason with his grief, and also to save him from himself and the self-pity we often end up seeing time and time again from this character.

While we’re still wiping away the tears, it does feel right that we spend a moment here now talking about the cliffhanger — after all, isn’t this a big one that we’ll be thinking about for a good while? Jason faced Command and in doing so, he was effectively handled his marching orders. After all he has gone through, he has been labeled unfit to operate in the field. Yet, Ray turned up afterwards and confessed to having PTS, which he tried to treat in secret. They were then followed by dozens of others, who all admitted publicly their struggles that could make them unfit in certain situations.

The implication here is that by standing together, there may be a way to save Bravo and for everyone to keep operating. Jason may be near the end of the road as a SEAL, and he probably does need to start thinking more about what the next phase of his life is going to be. However, this doesn’t mean that he is there yet.

Through the rest of the hiatus, we’ll have a lot to consider when it comes to the personal future of many of our favorite characters. This isn’t the same cliffhanger that we got at the end of season 5, but it is a cliffhanger nonetheless.

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