ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: Is there hope for Conrad and Victoria?

Madeleine Stowe, Henry CzernyIt may sound strange (mostly because it is strange), but based on what we are hearing now from one of the stars of ABC’s “Revenge,” it is possible that we could end up seeing some sort of happy ending still for Victoria and Conrad Grayson. The pair have to be at the moment in the running to be one of the most-dysfunctional couples on all of TV: they are combative, opinionated, and oftentimes run over each other figuratively in order to get what they want.

But is there still love there? Henry Czerny seems to think so, and maybe in some ways if you think about it, they really do deserve each other. Speaking on this particular subject in a new interview with E! News, here is what the actor had to say about the pair:

“There is hope … But there is juicy stuff coming up that we have to get through before they can think about being together.”

Czerny also said (rather romantically) that Conrad would ultimately “go through the gauntlet” for the mother of his children, and if this is the case we wonder why he still does so many double-deals and more unspeakable things than we can even try to put into words here. He’s clearly a TV villain, but luckily one that as fans of the show we still want to root for at the end of the day. (Those are often few and far between.)

What do you think: are Conrad and Victoria Grayson in their own little bizarre way a perfect match for each other? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read some more scoop on another Grayson family member over here. New episodes of “Revenge” return to ABC on Sunday.

Photo: ABC

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