‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ interview: Laura Alexander

Laura AlexanderWhen it comes to strategy, Laura Alexander was actually a pretty decent player on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites.” She had herself a tight alliance with Sherri, Julia, Matt, and Michael, and despite being one of the weaker performers in challenges, was able to outlast people in Allie Pohevitz and Hope Driskill who were on the wrong end of the numbers.

Unfortunately, it ended up being a situation on Wednesday night where Laura’s flaws just could not be masked anymore. Shamar (who you can read our interview with here) was medically evacuated from the game, and Matt specifically could not rationalize keeping her over two people in Eddie and Reynold who are major assets in challenges.

We had a chance to talk with Laura briefly about her experience on the show, including her alliances and who among the Favorites tribe she would have worked with.

Cartermatt.com – While we know that Malcolm and Eddie are good for challenges, was there any talk about the fact that they would just flip the moment they had a tribal swap or a merge?

Laura Alexander – That’s the argument that I said. There wasn’t really that much of a discussion before that tribal because I didn’t really feel very threatened. It would be pretty obvious to my tribe, or [at least] I thought, that if there was a swap or a merge, Eddie and Reynold would flip instantly. They could find another way to get to the end of the game because they didn’t trust us one bit. That was definitely my logic, and that was the way that I tried to get my alliance to vote.

So what were you told leading up to tribal council, that the votes were going to be split between Eddie and Reynold?

Yeah, we had talked about it before going to tribal council, and it was going to be an Eddie – Reynold split. That was the plan, but it was also the plan that they were telling me. They never actually told me that it was going to be me that night, so I was definitely blindsided.

So finally, was there anyone on the Favorites tribe that you would have wanted to work with?

I could have potentially worked with Cochran or Dawn, but it was more realistic that going into a merge with the lines currently split as they are showing thus far, that Brenda and Erik seem to be on the outs along with Brandon. So with a tight Phillip Sheppard alliance, I may not have worked with them; it would have been a lot more realistic that I would have worked with Brenda and Erik, and tried to use those numbers to work together.

Are you going to miss Laura on this season of “Survivor”? As we mentioned previously, you can also check out our full interview with Shamar over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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