‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Laurie Holden on Andrea’s decision

Laurie HoldenLaurie Holden really has to be rather thrilled with “The Walking Dead” so far this season. Not only is her character still alive (which is always a blessing to begin with when it comes to this show), but she is getting an opportunity to have some of her best work yet courtesy of the oh-so complicated relationship between her character of Andrea and The Governor. Just how messy is it? Even when she wants to leave, it is not quite so easy to just pick up and leave without thinking about some of the other complications that could come with this decision.

In speaking on this subject with TV Guide, Holden did her part to explain just how delicate this situation really is right now, in addition to the caution that she is going to have to take when making the decision to upset the present state of Woodbury:

“The problem is, in deserting The Governor, does chaos ensue?┬áThat’s the one thing that Andrea wants to avoid, because if these people leave Woodbury and they don’t have ammunition and supplies, their chances of survival are very slim. It’s a very tumultuous time and we all have to make very carefully thought-out decisions.”

If we were to look at the rest of “The Walking Dead” in general terms, we could describe it as a situation stuffed full of pain, fear, death, and also surprises … as for which one of those is the most prominent, it probably depends on just what your tolerance is for violence. We are going to have more on the show’s season 4 plans soon, but for now all we can say is that the show plans on really taking things up yet another notch.

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Photo: AMC

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