Squid Game season 2 premiere date: A new summer blockbuster?

Squid Game season 1Is there a chance that Squid Game season 2 could be the most anticipated new release in the history of Netflix? We understand that this is a crazy thing to think about and yet, there’s a good chance that could be the case. It is probably between this show and the final season of Stranger Things, and the crazy thing is that both of these series could come at some point in 2024.

The first thing that we should really do here (even if we don’t want to) is admit the fact that even once 2024 starts, we could be waiting for a long time to see Squid Game arrive. Based on most of the quotes that we’ve seen so far on the subject of the new season, it feels like the #1 thing being preached here is really patience. Nobody wants to rush anything along here and understandably so, given there is so much pressure and also a singular vision at the heart of the story. Filming should begin next year and then after that, we are left with a pretty extensive post-production process. There is so much editing and visual work done to give this story the distinct color palette and style that we saw during season 1.

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Given just how big the international following is for Squid Game, this brings us to the next all-important question: Will this show be treated like a summer blockbuster. We could easily envision a mid-to-late summer start for at least the first half of the season — that is, if Netflix decides to split the episodes up into parts (which feels possible). This show could generate just as much, if not more, money than some big-budget feature films, so we’re expecting a huge promotional rollout and product integration all across the board.

We understand that the vast commercialization of Squid Game could operate against the fundamental story of the show, but there’s a lot of irony within the entertainment business these days. It may be uncomfortable, but we also have to accept and/or roll with it sometimes.

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