‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: A look into someone’s ‘future’

How I Met Your MotherBefore we get to the wedding of Barney and Robin on “How I Met Your Mother” season 8, there is quite a bit of ground that the series is going to otherwise cover. For one such example of this, just look at the flash-forward that is going to be coming up in the 22nd episode of the season entitled “Romeward Bound.”

According to some new reports (which were later verified),the show is currently casting someone in their early twenties to play an older version of Marshall and Lily’s son Marvin. This casting is mostly interesting in that it gives us an opportunity to see just what this character would really be like years down the road, along with whether or not Marshall and Lily are ultimately good parents … at least sort of.

So what is the twist here? Basically, it is that this scene is technically going to be a fantasy sequence as much as it is a flash-forward, so it is possible that the Marvin we are seeing is some sort of ridiculous exaggeration of what the character will really be like. All we really can expect is that this will be a moment that draws plenty of laughs, especially if it is Marshall that dreams this character up since he has such an active imagination (plus a propensity to panic over things that are not big deals in the slightest).

“How I Met Your Mother” will return with new episodes a little bit later in the month, but is going to have to air new installments sparingly in order to still have some to share when the finale rolls around in May.

What do you imagine Marvin being like years down the road? If you want to see what else could be going on in this episode, just be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: CBS

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