Yellowstone season 5 episode 2: Is John already in trouble?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Yellowstone season 5 episode 2 gave us a pretty strong sense from start to finish of Governor John Dutton, both the good and the bad.

So where should we start with the guy? Well, the most natural place here is stating that he’s as headstrong as ever, and that could prove to be his advantage. He knows precisely what he wants, and that includes doing everything that he can to keep the ranch and his land, no matter the consequences. There aren’t many leaders who are anywhere close to this decisive!

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However, the flip side of that is that John doesn’t listen, whether it is to Lynelle, his son Jamie, or any other advisers. He’s not greasing any wheels or making any sort of deals. He’s just moving forward like an aggressive bull, ready to destroy anything in his path. He also, clearly, does not care about re-election … but you also have to wonder if he’ll even be able to finish his term.

Ultimately, we know that there are multiple threats coming at him right now across a number of different venues. Take, for starters, Market Equities getting ready to do whatever they can to utterly destroy him. Caroline Warner has called in a new threat to take on Beth, and we know that they have enormous sources of wealth that they can use to more or less get whatever they want.

Beyond just that, there’s also a mystery component right now when it comes to Thomas Rainwater. You can tell that he’s closely monitoring the situation with John, and he is also biding his time — something that may not be appreciated by everyone close to him. Don’t you think that could be a source of tension down the road?

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