‘The Lying Game’ season 2, episode 9 review: Ted learns about the twins

The Lying GameOn this week’s episode of “The Lying Game” season 2, Emma is at the Derek’s grave confronting Ted about the hospital card.  Ted tells her that Derek had been blackmailing him about the fact that Rebecca is her (Sutton’s) birth mother.  Emma wants to know who her birth father is and he tells her that it’s him.  Ted says her that Alec arranged the adoption and promises that he’s now told her everything.  He said that the blackmailing went on for so long that he finally decided to go to the cops, but then he saw on the news that Derek was murdered.  Ted tells her that he saw Teresa that night at the grave, but that he didn’t have anything to do with her disappearance and promises that he’ll go and tell Dan everything in the morning.

The next day Ted goes down to the station to talk to Dan, but his talk with Dan doesn’t go well and Dan is heated because he wants to know where Teresa is.  Alec comes in as the DA, telling him that Dan is barking up the wrong tree about Teresa.  Alec tells him that Rebecca has fallen in love with Ted and that she found out that Derek was black mailing him and likely took care of the situation – and that if Dan wants the person that likely kidnapped Teresa that he should look at Rebecca.

Rebecca confronts Kristen at the country club about having an affair with her husband and Alec comes over to stop the fight.  She tells them that she saw him and Kristen kissing the other day and he says that it meant nothing, hurting Kristen.  Later Alec tells Kristen that he lied to Rebecca about the kiss and that his marriage will soon be over so they can be together, but she isn’t sure she wants to be with him anymore.

Dan finds out that Ethan knew information about Teresa and Ted and didn’t tell him, so Dan tells Ethan to move out.  Ethan goes to stay at Kristen’s house with Emma and Thayer is not thrilled about it. During the night Emma can’t sleep and it seems that neither can Ethan. Emma feels responsible and apologizes for asking him to keep this from Dan, but he says he doesn’t regret doing it for her because she still means everything to him.

Mads, Laurel and Emma all decided to work together now that they have all the information from Ted and set Sutton up to try and get Rebecca to spill information about Teresa’s whereabouts.  Sutton asks Rebecca if she had something to do with Derek’s death and/or Teresa’s disappearance, saying that if she did have something to do with it that she would help her through it, but Rebecca walks out on her.  Later Mads brings Jordan to a meeting with Emma, Sutton, Thayer and Ethan saying that he knows Rebecca has a locked box filled with secrets, but when Jordan goes home to get to the box, someone else had already broken in and stolen the contents.

Sutton asks Ted to meet her and she shows him Emma, revealing to Ted the secret that he has twins.  Sutton tells him that Alec split them up and has been keeping the secret from Ted until she broke Kristen and him up.  The girls tell him that they think Rebecca is behind Derek’s death and that they need his help because he’s the only one that Rebecca trusts so he’s the only one that could get her to admit it.

Ted confronts Alec about separating the twins and he tells Ted that he separated them because he was trying to help Ted saying that he knew Ted was in financial crisis and couldn’t afford them both. Ted asks Rebecca over to his hotel and tells her that he knows that Sutton is their child.  Rebecca comes clean about almost everything and Ted says that he suspects that she killed Derek and Teresa.

Sutton receives a phone call from Teresa’s cell phone, but all she hears is labored breathing, so she goes to the police station, telling them what happened.  The cops trace the call back to the country club and they find Teresa dead floating in the pool.

Are you happy that Ted finally knows about the twins?  Were you surprised that Teresa was killed?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of “The Lying Game” season 2.

Photo: ABC Family

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