‘The Bachelor’ finale: Sean Lowe talks Lindsay Yenter, Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe as "The Bachelor"So why exactly did Sean Lowe choose Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter to be his final two on “The Bachelor” this season over AshLee Frazier? While you had an opportunity to see much of the reason why first-hand during much of the “Women Tell All” special on Monday night,Sean obviously did not know in advance that AshLee was going to freak out on her over allegedly saying that he did not have any feelings at all for the other women remaining in the competition.

Of course, Sean was clearly unhappy after that incident went down during the special, and he explained why in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter while also pointing out why he picked both Catherine and Lindsay to be the ladies that he took to the end. As we predicted, his desire to have women around with an interest in having fun took precedence over most other things:

“I despise frat boys! I’ve never worn khaki shorts or Sperrys in my life. I don’t own a polo shirt.

“I’m sorry she has those feelings, but I’m a goofy guy and I’m silly a lot of the time and I think that came out when I was with Catherine and Lindsay a lot more than when I was with AshLee and maybe she just doesn’t understand it.”

Ultimately, Sean said more times than he can count on the show that he is looking for a “best friend” just as much as a romantic partner, and he just didn’t feel like he would be able to handle someone as serious as AshLee is most of the time. Ultimately, we anticipate that she will find someone years down the road, but it is probably not going to be through anything remotely like this. This is also way why suspect that Desiree Hartsock will almost surely be “The Bachelorette” this coming season.

Even though neither one of them stood out much on the first night (at least for positive reasons), do you think Sean made the right choices for his final two? If you want to hear more of Sean’s thoughts about the potential “Bachelorette,” you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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