‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’ review: Tierra LiCausi, AshLee Frazier fight

Sean LoweThere’s traditionally no episode of “The Bachelor” that is more painful to watch than “The Women Tell All.” It is basically a recap show featuring contestants who no longer matter, contestants desperate to be on “Bachelor Pad,” and a bunch of nonsensical comments that make us forget that some of these people don’t know what they signed up for.

However, this special actually ended up being rather entertaining once we got past the obligatory first hour. Why? Thanks AshLee Frazier, who took it upon herself to try and expose Sean Lowe to a certain extent by saying that he disparaged the other two women, which he firmly denied. This moment created some real (and very awkward) drama in what was otherwise a pretty silly show.

With that, let’s get to who came across better and who came across worse through this episode.

The winners

Tierra LiCausi – Yes, we said it: Tierra actually came off better during this episode than most of the women. Was she hungry for attention and manipulative on the show? Definitely, and we don’t but everything that she said. However, all of the women spent all of this time complaining about how she was not “friendly” to them, when it reality it was their own problem. Why do all of these people really even care about her not being friendly? She didn’t do anything to sabotage their game. They actually did most of it to themselves by letting someone get to them.

Really, the best way that we can describe Tierra is by saying this: in the absence of a villain like Courtney or Bentley, you settle for what you can get. Tierra wasn’t nice, so she filled the role.

Sarah Herron – Clearly, she could not be someone more likable if she tried. We think that she and Sean simply did not work out since there was probably some intimidating on both ends, and she is going to have a hard time finding the right guy, unfortunately, in a judgmental world. Of course, this is why we’d love to see her as “The Bachelorette” more so than anyone else.

Desiree Hartsock – If there was ever any evidence that someone was going to be the next “Bachelorette,” this was it. Almost every question that Harrison asked her during the show was set up to groom her for the gig that could be coming her way in just a week’s time. She answered the questions well, and it seems almost as though the stage for her is set.

Sean himself – What a wonderful job this guy did sorting things out at the end of the show. He was honest, he related events to his own experience on “The Bachelorette,”

The losers

AshLee Frazier – After tonight, there’s no way AshLee is hired as the next leading lady. Rather than taking the high road tonight on Tierra, Sean, or anything else, she came across as petty and out to start drama. Sure, she was unhappy with getting sent home, and we get that; but is trashing the guy who eliminated you on TV going to make you that much more appealing to everyone at home? Plus, we find it a little bit counterintuitive to call someone a “frat boy” for basically doing what is the premise of the show, and you knew that when you signed up. Just like you cannot expect the guy to come and “check up on you” after you are eliminated, or that you cannot expect all women on the show to want to be your best friend.

Ashley Palenkas – Remember her? We don’t know why she even bothered to attend, since this whole special was just another reminder that she got drunk on reality TV and fell on her face.

Lesley Murphy – Just for the side-eye alone, she did not come across too well.

What did you think about this episode, and did it change your mind at all about some of Sean’s ladies? Be sure to share what you think below, and you can read some more about our “Bachelorette” contenders over here.

Photo: ABC

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