‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The game talk madhouse

Big Brother CanadaWhile Sunday night’s new episode of “Big Brother Canada” seemed to paint a picture of alliances in the house as being fairly cut-and-dry, in reality the present situation is much more chaotic than the show ever let on. When you have as alliance as big as the one that was initially formed between all of the “popular kids” (as we like to call them), it is only a matter of time before some of the cracks start to turn into fissures.

Want to more more? Keep reading, but be advised that spoilers are ahead from the life feed.

Jillian has still not had an opportunity to nominate someone at the Veto Ceremony, and at the moment it does appear that her replacement is going to be Danielle, largely for the simple reason that she does not want to anger anyone who may not be coming after her later on. Will this really change anything? Probably not. We already know that Tom and his male cronies want Aneal out, and the fact that Gary does, as well, more or less seals his fate regardless of who he is up against.

What is a little bit more interesting is what will happen in the game moving forward. Liza seems to have a bond with just about everyone in the house, and she told Danielle and Gary her hope is to get both Emmett and Alec out sooner rather than later. The biggest issue with Emmett right now is that everyone likes him and he has a firm showmance with Jillian. You have to break up that pair, and she wants to do the same thing with Alec and Topaz. Ironically, Liza also kind of has a pairing with Tom, but he is an asset to her right now since he also does not like Emmett getting close to someone who could threaten his little bromance alliance.

More or less, it seems as though Tom, Emmett, Alec, Topaz, Liza, Jillian, and Peter are all pretty tied together. However, there are so many side alliances (Topaz and Gary, Alec and Peter, Tom and Emmett, so on and so forth) that things are quite frankly crazy. The people that could really change the game right now are the players like Andrew, Suzette, and AJ, who are largely just floating around and waiting to make their moves.

Do you think Aneal has any reasonable shot of going home? If you do want to read more from the “Big Brother Canada” house, all you have to do is click on the tag here.

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