‘Big Brother Canada’ review: Is Emmett really pulling the strings?

Canada CastSunday night was really the first normal episode of “Big Brother Canada” of the season, and ultimately, we have to say it was the best episode of the show yet. We weren’t quite sure about the cast during Thursday’s eviction, but it turns out that there are some pretty great players here, some big personalities, and more than anything a well-designed show. It actually felt at times like a brighter, prettier version of the American counterpart.

After Jillian seemed to dominate in the Head of Household Competition, we really had a pair of alliances that were obvious: the popular kids (Tom, Emmett, Alec, Topaz, Liza, Jillian, and strangely the popular-for-the-first-time-ever Peter), and then everyone else. At first, Jillian seemed to target Gary and Danielle, which makes the most sense to her given that these are the two players that really are going to come after her.

Let’s talk Aneal here for a few minutes, and the big move that he really tried to make to get Jillian to put up some of the four guys (Tom, Emmett, Peter, and Alec). Does he have a point here that they are all forming sub-alliances with some other ladies in the house? Definitely, and really what they have is basically this show’s version of the Brigade. However, there is also something that enters the equation here known as fear. Jillian knows that these four guys are tough, and in going after them, she probably will have no protection against them later since Aneal is hardly a challenge threat.

So if you’re wondering why Aneal is suddenly a target, this is why: Jillian’s strategy seems to no be to bold with some of the women, and then hope that she could turn Emmett into her ally first and foremost rather than the other guys. We’ll just have to wait and see if this actually ends up working for her or not. Emmett is clearly the person pulling the strings here, as he really hijacked Jillian’s HoH by getting her to put up somebody who would actually hurt him rather than somebody who was gunning after her. We actually did not see anything in this episode to suggest that Aneal was “stirring up” anything; instead, he was telling the truth.

Aneal and Gary are of course on the block, which has been spoiled on the live feed for days. What was more interesting here was seeing how Jillian came to this decision … oh, and of course watching the hilarious waffle-themed Have / Have-Not Competition that somehow proved “Glitter Gary” to be a pretty strong competitor in this game. We are ultimately sad to see a pair of underdogs in danger, but this is “Big Brother” and sometimes, the popular kids do win.

What did you think about Sunday night’s episode? If you want to check out all of our updates from the live feed along with exit interviews and more, be sure to bookmark the link here.

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