‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ rankings: Does Shamar have a chance?

SurvivorIf there is one thing that we have learned from the Fans tribe thus far on “Survivor Caramoan,” it’s this simple thing: that they are thus far rather clueless, and we can’t see them having much of a shot at all at the end of the day to take down the Favorites. When you play against returning players, you really have to adopt an Us vs. Them mentality. Why? The Favorites sure aren’t going to be concerned with keeping any of the fans around, as they likely know that if they bring a Fan to the end and the jury is either bitter or comprised of Fans, that person will likely win.

With the Fans tribe busy fighting and cannibalizing themselves, we’re tempted to rank all of them last. However, we’re not going to do that and will instead list them as follows. (Our criteria, for those who do not know, is strategy combined with edit, physical strength, and the sort of target they will be down the line.)

8. Shamar Thomas (last week: 8) – With Hope gone, there’s really no crutch for Shamar to lean on anymore. We can’t see Sherri wanting to get rid of someone else in her alliance over a guy who has been divisive all season long, and it’s also possible that getting rid of him could get Reynold and Eddie back in good grace. (For now, they are almost sure to flip to the Favorites.)

7. Laura Alexander (6) – She’s probably the weakest person left in the tribe. At a certain point in the game, alliances don’t matter if you continue to lose, and you have to vote on who is the most likely to help you win.

6. Eddie Fox (7) – If Sherri for whatever reason wants to continue to go down this self-destructive road with her tribe (and if everyone listens to her), Eddie will be the next person to go. He’s not in the alliance, and he also happens to be the one guy outside of it without an immunity idol.

5. Julia Landauer (3) – Julia is getting next to no screen time, which to us suggests that she is not a player who will be a part of the endgame. But when sill she go? We don’t see her leaving Wednesday, but if the Fans tribe keeps losing she is likely pre-merge.

4. Reynold Toepfer (5) – By virtue of the immunity idol, Reynold will be a hard guy to get rid of before the merge. He’s too valuable in challenges, and he’d play it if he ever thought that he was truly in danger.

3. Sherri Biethman (1) – After reigning supreme last week, we think that Sherri is starting to put a bad target on herself by keeping Shamar around. The longer that she clings to this guy, the more people will likely start to figure out just what she’s doing, and realize that she is a much bigger threat in this game right now than possibly anyone other then Reynold.

2. Matt Bischoff (4) – Before this game, we thought that Matt was more interested in talking about his beard than actually playing. While we still don’t know if he has much of a head for strategy, he has got himself in a very good place in the tribe. He’s not a target, and he’s someone who could be helpful in challenges.

1. Michael Snow (2) – Michael’s game right now reminds us quite a bit of Stephen Fishbach in Tocantins: he seemingly has a larger and a smaller alliance, and he and Matt are just keeping watch over the situation. Even though he’s not the biggest physical threat out there, he holds his own enough to not be a liability. Then come the merge, he may be one of the few players savvy enough to try to pull off a big move to take down the Favorites.

Who are you rooting for thus far on the Fans tribe, and do you think that Michael is playing the best game? If you want to see where we’ve ranked the Favorites this weekend, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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