‘Bones’ season 8, episode 18 preview: Can Booth get Brennan to go on vacation?

BonesOn this week’s upcoming episode of “Bones” season 8 called “The Survivor in the Soap” The team at the Jeffersonian lab are working on a fairly strange case.  The remains of a person are discovered emerged in solidified soap in a barrel and we are immediately reminded of season 5 of “Dexter” and the on going case of the women that were killed then stuffed into barrels.

In a new sneak peek for tomorrow night’s episode of  “Bones” (which you can check out below), we see Brennan, Hodgins, Cam and Arastoo trying to figure out not only the gender of the person found in the barrel, but also why they were immersed in soap.  Brennan immediately deduces from the size of the victim’s hands that the person was male – leading to jokes from Hodgins about comparing the size of a man’s hands and feet to the size of other parts of the male anatomy.

In a second preview we see Booth trying to convince Brennan to go away with him on a romantic vacation, just the two of them.  Brennan thinks this is a perfect opportunity to go somewhere that she can “learn” something new, but Booth just wants the two of them to lie on a beach somewhere and drink cocktails until the sun goes down.  Unfortunately before they can make any firm plans they both get called into the office for the barrel case. We would love to see Brennan and Booth get away together, not only to see Brennan go a little crazy not being able to do anything except have fun, but also to see how the lab functions without all of her rules and overbearing attitude.

The next new episode of “Bones” season 8 called “The Survivor in the Soap” airs on Monday, March 4 at 8 p.m. on Fox, but if you can’t wait until then and you want a little sneak peek of what’s to come then be sure to check out the two sneak peeks below and tell us what you think.

Photo: Fox

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