‘Arrow’ episode 17 preview: The Huntress returns … and she’s angry

HuntressSadly, “Arrow” is going to off following Wednesday night’s excellent hiatus until March 20, but when the show does return to The CW, it will be doing so with a vengeance courtesy of Helena’s return.

Jessica De Gouw’s character quickly became a fan favorite during her brief appearances on the show earlier this season, with one of the primary reasons why being the sole fact that she and Oliver Queen share a common bond that he really does not have with any other character: a want and a need for vengeance. The difference between the two is that he does not agree with her on the way in which this vengeance should be enacted, and the two ended up seeing their relationship crumble in the matter of just a few short scenes.

As for what brings the Huntress back into Oliver’s life now, we really do not know, but given that she knows the secret of his identity, it does mean that there could be some serious trouble for our hero if he makes the wrong move at any time.

In talking about this identity issue for a few minutes, though, it does appear as though this is a problem for Oliver that he is going to have to contend with pretty soon in a major way. After all, Tommy, Diggle, Felicity, and Helena all know who the Vigilante really is, and the more that people know, the worse that it can be given that they can be used against you. It’s the classic reason why a secret identity must remain so: to protect the ones that you love and trust with your life.

What do you think is going to happen moving forward on “Arrow” this season? If you want to find out when the “Arrow” season 1 finale will air, you can do so here.

Photo: The CW

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